Wonder Woman LEGO mosaic
Wonder Woman LEGO mosaic crop1
Wonder Woman lego mosaic crop 2


Description: This is a LEGO mosaic of a Wonder Woman, created in collaboration with about 50 teen patrons (and a handful of adults) from the Kent District Library system as part as the 2022 Summer Wonder event.
Inspiration: Since watching the Wonder Woman movie, I had been considering rendering this iconic image in mosaic form. It was exciting when the staff of the Kent District Library system selected this image for a community mosaic build.
Size: ~9,000 LEGO bricks, 52″ x 37″
Hours to create: ~100 (completed in 2022, with the assistance of Kent District Library patrons!).
If you wish to check this mosaic out in person, inquire at the information desk at a Kent District Library branch, to see where it is being displayed.