“Black & White?”

Description: Look closely at this LEGO mosaic and you’ll see that it isn’t simply black and white. This illusion serves as a fit metaphor for the world today, where many situations are presented as binary, while there may be many additional aspects, intermediate perspectives, and nuance to consider.

Inspiration: Zebras are beautiful and amazing creatures and the image that inspired this mosaic absolutely knocked my socks off. I knew I wanted to build a zebra mosaic, but I didn’t anticipate how challenging it would be to capture the essence. This mosaic is on display in my gallery and I often find myself lost in the details.

Size: ~12,000 LEGO bricks, 52″ x 52″

Hours to create: ~100 (completed in 2020)

Exhibited at the Gutman Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI as part of the

“Emerge” exhibition. Click here for more information.

Exhibited at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea @ 601 Bond Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, MI, for ArtPrize 2022.