My origin story…  While visiting a LEGO store in Chicago with my family, I was mesmerized by a huge mosaic on the wall outside the store. The mosaic, depicting the Chicago cityscape, was created using LEGO bricks. I had never dreamed of using LEGO to create two-dimensional artwork. I was fascinated by the way that subtle details invisible up close somehow emerged when I stepped back and viewed the mosaic from a different perspective. I was inspired to explore this art medium.
I thought I would start “simple” and create a small (20″ x 20″) LEGO mosaic of a cartoon character (LEGO Hulk from the LEGO Marvel Superheroes video game) as a gift for a friend. I soon realized that I had misjudged the difficulty of this art project. I needed large quantities of LEGO bricks, and I needed many in colors not represented in the LEGO palette. To unlock a greater array of colors, I decided to paint LEGO bricks, starting with commercial spray paints and eventually moving to custom formulations of acrylic paints that I mix myself.
Through the years (and hudreds of thousands of bricks later…) I have continually refined my techniques while increasing the size and complexity of my artworks. I really enjoy creating LEGO mosaic artwork, and I hope you enjoy the artwork I have created.


If you like what you see here and have an idea for a custom work that I could help bring to life using LEGO bricks, please contact me by email or using the form below. I can create one of a kind mosaics and portraits of family, friends, pets, or you name it. If you wish to build the mosaic yourself, I can assist with design and layout, so your final product will be top notch. I can even create digital artwork in the style of LEGO bricks. Of course, there are many other possibilities. If you have an idea for a commission, please contact me!

October 2021 – “Black & White?” a Zebra LEGO mosaic displayed at the Gutman Gallery in Downtown Ann Arbor as part of the “Emerge” art exhibition. Click here for more information.
September 2021 – “Revolutionary” a LEGO mosaic depicting Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exhibited at the Courtyard Marriott in Downtown Grand Rapids (MI) for ArtPrize 2021. Click here for more information.
January 2021 – “Revolutionary” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. LEGO® mosaic spotlighted by MLive. Click here for a story and here for a photo gallery.
January 2021 – “Watchful” LEGO® mosaic selected as Best in Show at Bricks LA 2021! Click here to see all the prizewinning LEGO creations.
April 2020 – Aaron’s new “Brick Madness” eBook series about mini mosaics built with LEGO® bricks is available from the Kindle store. Click here for more information.
February 2020 – Aaron’s LEGO® mosaics displayed at Ann Arbor BrickBash 2020
September-October 2019 – Aaron’s LEGO® mosaics exhibited at Saline District Library
September 2019 – Click here for an MLive article about Aaron’s LEGO® mosaics
I’d love to discuss the opportunity to work together. 
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